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The Second Impeachment

There is much I could say about the second impeachment. I did warn the Representative and Senators that if they didn't convict then President Trump in the first go round they wouldn't win the Presidency and would very likely lose the Senate. They did do better in the Senate than I'd expected, but lost control anyway.

After the Republicans repeated shameful conduct in the second impeachment, things may go worse in 2022. It's very likely that if President Trump or someone related to him runs in 2024, he will not win then either, assuming President Biden does an even marginally competent job as President as I am sure he and Vice President Harris will. The loyal Trumpists can't count on even all of their own party supporting a Trumpist candidate, and won't have much independent support in 2024 if Biden just does "OK". I know they're counting on the fact people will have forgotten about what they just did by 2022 and certainly by 2024, but I suspect the Democrats or Republican challengers will be around to remind them.

But the scripture that came particularly to mind is found in Isaiah 5. The whole chapter is good, particularly the first verses and the middle to last portions. Verse 20 says....

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

What God does to this class of people follows a few verses later. Read the whole chapter. It's good stuff.

Evaluate yourselves and see if that scripture applies to you. We'll all have to one day stand before God and hear His thoughts about what we've done and how our actions have affected those we love and the world in general. I'm sure there will be some uncomfortable times for all Christians as our works are judged and we see just how much burns up as wood and stubble and how little is left as gold, silver and precious stones. For those who have been given charge of others, His thoughts may be much worse. And being dressed down by whichever of the founding fathers of the country that made it to heaven over and over again throughout eternity should also be a sobering thought. "What a good start we gave you... and look what you did...." Of course, if you don't even make it to heaven, you'll have a much worse eternity to handle.